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Tango dance – Argentine tango

It´s an extraordinary world where you can introduce yourself through a dance studio and/or a private tango teacher. In any case is good to recognize the difference between “Ballroom dancing” and “Tango salon”. The last item is about Social Tango dance. It means, you will be able to visit any milonga around the world.

Dance classes in Buenos Aires

Here you can find the best tango teachers, milongas and great experiences. In private lessons you can learn to dance tango from beginner´s level to experience this extraordinary passion. Some people found in Argentine Tango an original option for their wedding dance, instead of the waltz or another Latin dance rhythm. Here the Frequent Answer Questions page.

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I teach tango lessons in Palermo, San Telmo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Parque Patricios and Belgrano.

Prices of Argentine tango lessons in Buenos Aires

Following the cost of the tango classes, there the possibility of  60 or 90 minutes lessons:

90 Minutes

Cost of tango lesson 90 minutes

Private Classes: One or two persons.

  • 1 Unique lesson…: USD100.-
  • Pack x 3 Classes..: USD210.-
  • Pack x 10 Classes: USD450.-

Semi private Tango classes: 3 or 4 attendants.

  • 1 Semi private Tango lesson: U$D180.-


  • 1,5 hour (90 minutes).

60 Minutes

Cost of tango lesson 60 minutes

Private classes: One or two persons.

  • 1 Unique lesson…..: USD70.-
  • Pack x 3 Classes..: USD150.-
  • Pack x 10 Classes: USD300.-

Semi private Tango classes: 3 or 4 attendants.

  • Semi private Tango lesson: U$D 126.-


  • 1hr. (60 minutes).

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One day tango lessons is in the Top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires.

Adrian Luna tango teacher
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“Rather than with the feet, tango is danced with the heart”

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