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I´m a certified coach, endorsed by an international coaching federation. It is an extraordinary added value to have the coaching skills combined with the experience of an Argentine tango dancer. Thus I can offer you a tailor-made program to learn to dance the Argentine tango. I’m also an author and international speaker.

Adrian Luna tango teacher
Tango teacher

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Cost of Tango lessons in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is Tango. If you are in the world capital of tango, you have to know the tango and live it as a unique experience. Live music, orchestras, tango shows, milongas porteñas, with bilingual private classes. Along with historical sites to visit and much more from the perspective of the locals.

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Tango lessons in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the best place to learn to tango. Its streets are full of culture, and you can experience the tango vibe in every neighborhood (Tango in San Telmo, Palermo, La Boca, everywhere.) Below you will find information related to this dear part of our culture that we call Tango.

Tango Dance

Tango teacher - Adrian Luna

Ballroom dance – Argentine tango

Welcome to this extraordinary world where you can start in a dance academy or hiring a private tango teacher. Is good to recognize the difference between “Tango Ballroom dancing” and “Tango Argentino.” The last one is about Social Tango dance. It means you will be able to visit and dance in any milonga around the world without any kind of choreography. Tango Argentino is a totally different philosophy with respect to the dance.

Dance classes in Buenos Aires

Here, in Buenos Aires, you can find the best tango teachers, shows, milongas and great experiences. In private lessons, you can learn to dance the tango from beginner level to experience this extraordinary passion. Even some people found in Argentine Tango an original option for their wedding dance, instead of the waltz or another Latin dance rhythm.

Group Lessons

In the group tango classes, you will find many people from beginner to advanced levels with whom to practice and learn to dance Tango Argentino.

Dance Shoes:

Where to buy tango shoes in Buenos Aires (and dance clothes.)

Dance shoes
Tango shoes
  • Fabio Shoes – Address: Riobamba 10th floor 10 A – Buenos Aires
  • Raquel Shoes – Address: Bolivar 554 , San Telmo
  • Comme il faut – Address: Arenales 1239 door 3 apt. M, Buenos Aires
  • 2×4 al pie – Address: Araoz 1973 Pta. Baja
  • Darcos – Address: Gurruchaga 705 – Palermo / Sucre 2394 – Belgrano / Suipacha 261 – Microcentro
  • Flabella –  Address: Suipacha 263, Buenos Aires.
  • Neo Tango – Address: Sarmiento 1938 – CABA
  • Madreselva –  Address: Venezuela 3502 – Buenos Aires
  • Danstore (Agencia oficial de Capezio en Argentina): – Address: Aguirre 606 – Villa Crespo

Tango music in the radio

Tango Shows in Buenos Aires

Tango videos

Rhythms we’re going to find in a milonga:


Tango Waltz – Vals


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Tango Blogs


UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

A cultural asset spread in the whole world.

Tango embrace
Tango embrace


Milonga (s) Porteñas

Here are some pictures of a milonga in Buenos Aires. In this case “La milonga Nacional” which is held every year on the historic Avenida de Mayo.

Tango movies (or related to tango):

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Bares Notables

Historical bars related to Argentine and tango history.

Carlos Gardel

You can also visit the Carlos Cardel house museum (Museo Casa Carlos Gardel).

Carlos Gardel
Carlos Gardel

Phone: +54-11- 4964-2015/2071 – Address: Jean Jaurés 735, Abasto, Buenos Aires. – Email:

All credit goes to their respective owners.

Fileteado porteño

Buenos Aires traditional painting technique. UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Fileteado porteño in Abasto neighborhood Argentina
Fileteado porteño in Abasto neighborhood

“Rather than with the feet, tango is danced with the heart”

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