Tango lessons from Buenos Aires

Due to COVID19 restrictions

Online Tango lessons during quarantine covid19

During the restrictions, you’ll have available Online lessons (from a dance studio) and professional feedback of your performance from videos you can send to us.

Argentine Tango teacher

Adrian Luna tango teacher
Certified Coach

As a Certified Coach, I combined the high standards of ontological coaching resources with years of experience related to the Tango world. Independently of your choice among the following options, I’ll be focused to offer you a valuable and enjoyable experience.

First, let’s check your goals:

  • I just want to try – Dip your toes into Tango “waters.”
  • Specific feedback about your dance performance
  • Tailor-made learning program
  • PLATINUM Experience
  • HELP! My partner drags me into the Tango class.

You have also available:

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English – Spanish tango lessons

Spanish - English

Cost of Tango lessons in Buenos Aires

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Best tango classes with the best tango teachers


Are you planning to visit the world’s Tango capital?

Embraced Couple
Platinum tango experience

Then you have to experience this unique activity with your Argentine Tango teachers.

  • Live music
  • Tango shows
  • Milongas porteñas
  • Bilingual classes.

Everything from the perspective of the locals.

“Rather than with the feet, tango is danced with the heart”

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Ready to dance?

Checking your goals: