Cost of tango lessons in Buenos Aires: 

Last updated: May 17, 2022

Intensive Tango Program

Cost of Tango classes - Buenos Aires - 2022

FAQ – Frequent Answer Questions


The dance studio address: Inclán 3090, Parque Patricios.

Your home if you have enough space at your place (Buenos Aires city radio.)

How many Tango teachers?

You will have One Tango teacher during the lessons.

Booking the 10x Lessons Pack you will have available one tango lesson with two teachers getting feedback on your performance from both roles (leader/follower.)

Booking PLATINUM tango experience you’ll have 2 tango teachers.

When should I book the lessons?

I highly recommend you to have certainty about your goals before booking the lessons. After that, you have to take your time to do some research to find the right tango teacher. But once you have the decision, drop a message to the chosen one as soon as possible, so you can start with the process to introduce to each other, coordinate the details and find the dates and times that suit better to both sides. To match the schedules could be an unexpected challenge.

Why are my goals so important?

To give you a tailored and valuable experience. More info about your possible objectives following this link.


After agreeing on the details via E-mail (or Whatsapp) I’ll send you a USD20.- PayPal link so you can book the reservation.

After the 1st lesson, you can complete the amount of your chosen pack.

100% Guarantee

Mone Back Guarantee
Refund guarantee

If during the 1st half-hour of the lesson you realized that it’s not what you were looking for, you can ask for the full refund of your reservation payment. 

Clothes and shoes / What to wear

Bring comfortable clothes and shoes. If you already have dancing shoes, great!
Please, NO Flip-flops!

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Cost of Tango lessons BA Classes
  • 1 x 90 Minutes class
  • 2 Tango teachers 
  • + After the lesson, we’ll visit a real “Milonga Porteña” with your tango teachers
  • USD250.-

Ready to learn tango in Buenos Aires?

Contact your tango teacher!

I hope you can tell me about your motivation regarding the Tango lessons and the possible dates.

I usually respond within the next 24 hours. If not, please, write me again and check that your contact information is correct.

Thank you!