Essay about the art of embracing people

Argentine Tango and Coaching

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Essay about the art of embracing people
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Argentine Tango and Coaching
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• Are you looking for an Argentine Tango teacher?
• Do you want to learn to dance tango?
• Are you looking for a private tango lesson?
• How to know who a good tango teacher is?
• Do you want to become a tango teacher?

Then you can read this book!

NOTIFICATION: This is not a tango book, nor about how to learn the steps to dance tango in Buenos Aires. This is a book about people, human beings who embrace and relate in a very particular way in an “environment” with their own rules.

In the Coach, I find a professional and appropriate figure to accompany us in learning this “language.” I consider it appropriate to compare him with a gardener who knows about the weather, the seasons and irrigation techniques, among many other things. It is taken with seriousness and professionalism to prepare the ground to offer the seed the conditions that satisfy and accompany its development. He is a great observer and takes into account even the smallest details. However, he has confidence and believes in the potential that exists within the seed. He doesn’t need to see what it has inside or check how much fruit it’s going to produce… This mystery seems wonderful to me and is revealed little by little during the process of germination and growth. This essay is, on the one hand, for those who are “gardeners” by vocation, with whom I wish to seriously develop this activity. On the other hand, it’s for those people who want to learn to dance the tango and have no idea where or who to start with. Through this path we can end up getting to know ourselves a little more. Be attentive!

WARNING: By knowing the tango you are in serious risk of falling in love with the activity, its music and its people.

ISBN: 9789874295330 (Paperback) – ISBN: 9789874295422 (eBook)