Reviews, recommendations, testimonials: 

I  found Adrian via a Google search, our initial communication was very clear and professional. Adrian agreed to teach myself and my husband tango over a number of weeks and was happy to come to our apartment in BA as we have a young child and that suited us best. When I finally met Adrian I found him to be very respectful, kind person who makes you feel very at ease. In many ways he went above and beyond what we expected during his lessons and via sharing music, videos and recommendations for what was an amazing tango club. I must say without a doubt our lessons with Adrian have been an absolute highlight of our time here I only wish we could stay longer to learn more from him. I am truly grateful for what I have been able to take from this experience.

Lisa Frankland (Australia) 

I am not sure that there are sufficient words to adequately describe what a wonderful experience I had meeting Adrian and his beautiful partner in life and dance, Mora. I came to Buenos Aires in search of authentic tango lessons and wanted a 1-2-1 experience rather than a class. I had some previous dance experience but not in tango and I searched through many teachers and studios in BA before deciding to contact Adrian. I was so happy that I made this choice! Adrian’s lessons are so much more than a dance lesson. He is a gifted, intuitive and passionate coach whose love of tango is infectious. He and Mora also really care about your experience of tango and of Argentinian culture and shared moments with us where they introduced us to yerba mate tea and other Argentinian traditions before taking us to a traditional tango social dance where we had dinner, dancing and a truly authentic and unique experience. On a practical level, the lessons are sensibly priced, the studio is easy to reach by metro and the surroundings (in the art house owned by Mora’s mother) is a great space to learn tango. Adrian and Mora are sweet, funny, charming and generous people and my husband and I enjoyed their company so much. The 90 minute lessons covered not only the basic steps but some history about the dance and music and also the etiquette of attending a social dance. On a deeper level, their love of tango is highly contagious and I defy you to come away from this experience without having fallen in love with Buenos Aires and the dance! I cannot recommend Adrian’s coaching highly enough. Thank you both for one of the most incredible weeks of my life. It was a real pleasure and an honour to spend time with you both.

Kate Wilson (London)

Echt een aanrader!! Adriàn wist geweldig goed het tango-gevoel over te brengen! En wat een ontzettend aardige, enthousiaste en gastvrije mensen, Adriàn en zijn vrouw. Heb genoten van de tango, had t niet willen missen tijdens m’n Argentinie reis!

Petra van Kesteren (The Netherlands) 

IT TAKES THREE TO LEARN THE TANGO Had one measly day in Buenos Aires in July, which was of course much too short. There was only time for the first item on my bucket list: Tango. The Gods smiled on me, because I came across Adrián Luna’s Tango Studio on Google. GETTING THERE: The metro in BA measures up to the best in the world and the ride from Recoleta to Inclán was fast. Inclán is a neighbourhood of charming buildings from a more refined, gentle and prosperous age and is about to be transformed into one of the most hip places in Argentina and arguably in the whole of South America. Adrian’s studio was easy to find and instantly recognizable as the façade is a splendid work of art. Even if you are unable to secure a spot in Adrian’s busy schedule, it’s worth going to Inclán only to see the building. It’s all about picking up the pieces. I was greeted by Adrián and Mora, his girlfriend and dance partner, whose mother had created the artwork on the façade of the building. LEARNING THE TANGO As doubtful as I was of my own ability to learn something as complicated and beautifully intricate as the tango, I found Adrián and Mora reassuring and competent intstructors who could probably teach a table or a chair to dance the tango as well. They were that good… Did I learn to tango? Yes, a little bit. Was it a worthwhile experience? Yes, by far the most rewarding experience I had in a long, long time. CAN I RECOMMEND THIS? If you wish to give yourself a gift, treat yourself to a few sessions or more in the company of these two very gifted individuals. It certainly takes two to tango, but it takes three to LEARN the tango. Thank you Adrián and Mora for a wonderful experience. I will be back someday.

Piet le Roux (South Africa)

I couldn’t recommend Adrian more. I was a single girl in my thirties travelling South America and found Adrian on line, he was welcoming and friendly, speaks english perfectly and is the most patient and skilled dance instructor I have ever seen. This was my first experience of dancing and Adrian was the perfect tutor. Thank you Adrian for a bucket list tick off – Learning tango with a professional Argentine. Couldn’t recommend it more. Thanks Adrian.

Annie Scott (London)

Cercavo un modo per avvicinarmi al tango, per superare l’imbarazzo e indirizzare l’entusiasmo che il tango provoca in me. Adrian è riuscito a fare con me entrambe le cose, dandomi fiducia e voglia di divertirmi, con il tango e comunque.

Guido Rentvenice (Italy)

More than Tango teachers, Adrian and Amora become your friends. We’ve experienced a wonderful dance class, and then they took us to dinner and dance on a local Tango restaurant/bar, and then we headed to a disco to listen and dance Latin music. You will become their fan! We absolutely recommend all of you to experience this opportunity.

Christiano Hage (Brazil) 

Adrian is the amazing! I can not begin to express how much I have enjoyed—& continue to enjoy–my lessons with him. He is patient, respectful, kind & has a wonderful sense of humor (with all of my Mis-steps & errors). Even when not in the lesson, he will send a photo, a song or a video to illustrate a certain step, a certain rhythm or another important element of tango. I just moved to Argentina & have told other dancers & instructors of his approach (how he is not focused on the steps…but more on how to lead & how to be led. How to be completely present in the dance.). All of the responses have been the same: that if I can master what Adrian has taught me, I can tango with anyone at anytime. He is a true teacher….not a mere instructor….but a teacher of music, mindfulness, clarity, focus and, yes, TANGO!!!

Johnna Murray (USA)

Adrian is a fantastic tango teacher & life coach! It’s always a pleasure to take lessons with him. These lessons & talking with Adrian will give you more confidence en will help you to know yourself better. And believe in every (tango) step you make in life. I always leave his beautiful studio with happy vibes. The positive energy he has is a true blessing! He’s a warm hearted person and makes sure you’ll get the best out of a tangoclass! Looking forward to dance some more when I am on a mini sabbatical in Buenos Aires.

Valerie Musson (The Netherlands) 

I came to Argentina looking for a unique and special experience – and for me, this included experiencing tango. I had two private lessons with Adrian, one was one hour and an evening out at a traditional milonga with him, his lovely girlfriend Mora (also an amazing tango instructor) and some of his friends and other students and the other was a two hour private lesson with Adrian and Mora together. Firstly – tango is so much more complex and intricate than I expected it to be! I thought it would be simple to pick up, given I had some salsa experience. There are so many more relationship and cultural complexities, even just getting out on the dance floor! Adrian is warm, generous and was sensitive to individual needs and nervousness! He is an amazing instructor with exceedingly large amounts of patience! I had such a wonderful time learning the tango with him and Mora, and the night out at the Milonga with his friends will be a treasured memory for life. I can’t wait to return with more time to pick up my lessons where we left off! Thank you so much Adrian (and Mora) for my wonderful, immersive and super special tango experience!

Lisa Downs (Australia)

“If you want to get the feel of what tango is all about I highly recommend taking workshops with Adrian. You will find out that it is not about counting steps, but a way of communicating and letting go of all your fears. As it may seem very intimate, Adrian will show you that you are in control of your own space and you will feel a sense of freedom and strength. So if you ever have the chance to do a workshop: don’t think, but do it; it will be life changing.”

Diane van der Marel – Message in a Photo (Holland)

“The surprising tango dance of Adrian Luna was an eye opener for the richness of the tango from Argentina to express the dynamics of an organization. He let us see and feel the human life of an organization, not by a rational interpretation but by an inner feeling of the spiritual insight of their heart. It was the experience of a spiritual meditation about the inner richness of a good human management and we are very thankful for this tango experience from Argentina. I also realized that the dance is also a characteristic cultural expression of the value system of a country. Introducing the dance in management education is also a richness in cultural understanding of each other.

We are very thankful for your spiritual contribution to our management lectures.”

Paul de Blot SJ Prof. Nyenrode Business University

“Of course Adrian has excellent coaching skills, but more important (for me) are his highly developed intuition and personal experience with energy management; issues I struggle with sometimes. Like an ‘urban shaman’ he guides me to be more aware of my energy and manage the exchange/interaction with others. He also helps me clean up old baggage, which used to drain my energy. I always dreaded working on past ‘issues’ but with him it’s interesting and light, even fun sometimes! As a ‘spiritual sparring partner’ Adrian offers me a mirror when I need one. Wherever I am in the world, our Skype sessions help me to feel lighter, happier and more ‘myself’.”

Esther Jacobs (The Netherlands)