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Adrian Luna

Certified Ontological Coach

What is Coaching?

I believe that coaching, as well as in the arts or natural wonders, is very difficult to define. To be able to encompass within a single definition. There are frames of references more or less approximate but in my opinion they have not been able to cover it as a whole.

As an artistic or natural event, I think the best thing about Coaching is to experience it, live it and go through it from the wonder that being human.

Following some Coaching definitions:

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF):

Professional coaching consists of a continuous professional relationship that helps to obtain extraordinary results in life, profession, company or business of people. Through the coaching process, the client deepens their knowledge, increases their performance and improves their quality of life.

According to the Argentine Association of Professional Ontological Coaching

What is Coaching?

To answer this question we can go back to the origins of its use. These took place in the field of sport: the coach is the person that the athlete hires to achieve results that are beyond what he has achieved so far. Some decades ago, coaching began to be applied in the United States especially to the business world, with the same purpose: to achieve results that are beyond the historically foreseeable.

Coaching is, then, a new profession that can be seen as:

  • A new context.
  • A new way of observing the world.
  • A set of competences to assist individuals and teams to achieve unprecedented results.
  • A way of relating to people.
  • A way to relate with our actions.
  • A strategy to achieve changes in the organizational cultures in which people live and work.
  • An alternative management paradigm.
  • A different way of being.

According to the Book: “Significance of the Ontological Constructivist and Systemic Coaching (Model 7CCOP)” of the Argentine Association of Professional Ontological Coaching. Ed .: Leven Anclas Editorial

Definition and Sense of Ontological Coaching:
It is a profession committed to the expansion of personal, organizational and social potential, based on Ontological Learning within a Constructivist Framework and a Systemic Perspective.

Purpose of Ontological Coaching:
Facilitate an ontological learning process that, from the commitment of the coachee, expand the capacity of action, generate a change of observer and make possible his personal transformation.

According to the Recognized coach Miriam Ortiz De Zárate:

Coaching is a process that takes place over a certain period of time. The coaching takes place between two people (coach and coachee) or between a person and a team (in the case of Team Coaching). In the coaching process there are a series of conversations that have the particularity of being planned and confidential and that usually do not last for more than six months to a year. In conversations, the coach uses a methodology based on questions that help the coachee to explore their own beliefs, values, strengths and limitations. As a result of this exploration, the coachee develops a new awareness and is capable of making certain decisions and of committing itself to a process of change and learning. With this commitment and with the support of the coach, you can mobilize in a certain direction, deploying new potential, to achieve extraordinary results.

Coaching conversations

Coaching Agreements

Having several definitions about what Coaching is, I consider it important to agree on what Coaching is NOT:

The Certified Coach does NOT offer Psychological or Therapeutic care and does NOT seek to cure illnesses. The Coach sees their Client as a Complete and Healthy person, who has everything necessary to achieve their goals and / or generate the learning processes necessary to achieve them, being totally responsible for their actions and the results thereof.

Confidentiality Framework:

The Certified Professional Coach assumes an absolute commitment regarding the confidentiality of the conversations and the information that the client shares throughout the Coaching process. Understanding Trust as one of the fundamental values so that the coaching process can be successfully developed.

Duration and Frequency:

The duration of the Coaching Process will depend on the OPTION (number of sessions) contracted and its corresponding expiration.

The duration of each coaching conversation can range from (minimum) 60 minutes to (maximum) 90 minutes. Depending on the development of the conversation and the agreement between the Client and the Coach.

The frequency will be agreed according to the expiration date of the OPTION contracted and the availability of both parties: Client and Coach (assuming the willingness of both parties to agree the schedules).

Modalities / Options:

The sessions can be:

a) Presencial / Personal Coach
b) Distance (Skype / On-line / Telephone Sessions).

Being a Pioneering Member No. 155 of the FICOP

I adhere the Professional Ethical Agreement.

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