Would you like to have an unique Tango experience in Buenos Aires?

What to do in Buenos Aires?

Tango argentino in Buenos Aires.

You´ll be able to see, learn and experience tango from a locals point of view.

* Have an extraordinary night off going to real milongas with your tango teachers.

* Visit real tango places.


* Tango shows.

* Program an exclusive schedule with lessons and activities to make your learning easier and faster than the: “tango steps” lessons.

* Learn “to feel” the orchestras, and the Social skills to succeed in a milonga.


* Radios and Music to listen at home, videos to know different styles, a multimedia learning process.

* A Certified Coach to support your learning giving you a qualified Feedback.

* Live the experience in an extraordinary House/Studio: Taller de Arte Inclan.

* Develop your own style guided by your qualified tango teacher.

* Lessons with two tango teachers to know about different roles, Mora y Adrian.

What to do in Buenos Aires? An exclusive cultural experience!

Tailored lessons to have an extraordinary experience. 

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