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Tango lessons – Privé Tango lessen – Privéles tangoleraren

Argentijnse Tango leren Buenos Aires.

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“The surprising tango dance of Adrian Luna was an eye opener for the richness of the tango from Argentina to express the dynamics of an organization. He let us see and feel the human life of an organization, not by a rational interpretation but by an inner feeling of the spiritual insight of their heart. It was the experience of a spiritual meditation about the inner richness of a good human management and we are very thankful for this tango experience from Argentina. I also realized that the dance is also a characteristic cultural expression of the value system of a country. Introducing the dance in management education is also a richness in cultural understanding of each other.

We are very thankful for your spiritual contribution to our management lectures.”

Paul de Blot SJ Prof. Nyenrode Business University

“If you want to get the feel of what tango is all about I highly recommend taking workshops with Adrian. You will find out that it is not about counting steps, but a way of communicating and letting go of all your fears. As it may seem very intimate, Adrian will show you that you are in control of your own space and you will feel a sense of freedom and strength. So if you ever have the chance to do a workshop: don’t think, but do it; it will be life changing.”

Diane van der Marel – Message in a photo

“Of course Adrian has excellent coaching skills, but more important (for me) are his highly developed intuition and personal experience with energy management; issues I struggle with sometimes. Like an ‘urban shaman’ he guides me to be more aware of my energy and manage the exchange/interaction with others. He also helps me clean up old baggage, which used to drain my energy. I always dreaded working on past ‘issues’ but with him it’s interesting and light, even fun sometimes! As a ‘spiritual sparring partner’ Adrian offers me a mirror when I need one. Wherever I am in the world, our Skype sessions help me to feel lighter, happier and more ‘myself’.” 

Esther Jacobs – The Netherlands

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