Cost of tango lessons in Buenos Aires: 

One tango teacher during the tango class

Tango lessons prices
Tango lessons prices

One tango teacher: Up to two students.

♦ 1 Unique lesson…: USD100.-

♦ Pack x 3 Classes..: USD270.-

♦ Pack x 10 Classes: USD800.-


1,5 hour (90 minutes).

Two tango teachers

during the tango class

Tango classes prices cost
Tango classes prices

Two tango teachers: Up to two students.

♦ 1 Unique lesson…: USD200.-

♦ Pack x 3 Classes..: USD540.-

♦ Pack x 10 Classes: USD1600.-


♦ 1,5 hour (90 minutes)

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After agreeing days and times, the reservation is made through the payment of USD20.- (PayPal) which will be deducted from the total.

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100% Guarantee:

If you consider the lesson is not worth it (within the 1st half hour lesson) you can ask for the 100% Money Back.

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