Coaching Agreements

Having several definitions about what Coaching is, I consider it important to agree on what Coaching is NOT:

The Certified Coach does NOT offer Psychological or Therapeutic care and does NOT seek to cure illnesses. The Coach sees their Client as a Complete and Healthy person, who has everything necessary to achieve their goals and / or generate the learning processes necessary to achieve them. Being totally responsible for their actions and the results thereof.

Confidentiality Framework:

The Certified Professional Coach assumes an absolute commitment regarding the confidentiality of the conversations and the information that the client shares throughout the Coaching process. Understanding Trust as one of the fundamental values so that the coaching process can be successfully developed.

Duration and Frequency:

The duration of the Coaching Process will depend on the OPTION (number of sessions) contracted and its corresponding expiration.

The duration of each coaching conversation can range from (minimum) 60 minutes to (maximum) 90 minutes. Depending on the development of the conversation and the agreement between the Client and the Coach.

The frequency will be agreed according to the expiration date of the OPTION contracted and the availability of both parties: Client and Coach (assuming the willingness of both parties to agree the schedules).

Modalities / Options:

The sessions can be:

a) Presencial / Personal Coach
b) Distance (Skype / On-line / Telephone Sessions).

Being a Pioneering Member No. 155 of the FICOP

I adhere the Professional Ethical Agreement.

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