Testimonial: Speaker in a Management lecture, The Netherlands.

Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University

Every being is continually moving in harmony and expressing a  melody, each  on an unique way according its characteristic nature. Every tree is moving by its own dance , every bird is singing its own melody, every human being is singing and dancing its own heart. Every  organization is a composition of human beings in an unique setting with an unique melody and a unique dance, which we can express by dancing and singing. That is the reason why I started with introducing dancers in my lectures to express physically the inner dance of an organization. The surprising tango dance of Adrian Luna was an eye opening for the richness of the tango from Argentina, to express the dynamics of an organization. He made us see and feel the human life of an organization, not by a rational interpretation but by an inner feeling of the spiritual insight of their heart. It was the experience of a spiritual meditation about the inner richness of a good human management and we are very thankful for this tango experience from Argentina. I also realized that the dance is also a characteristic cultural expression of the values of a country. The tango from Argentina is quite different from the tango from Holland, which is more systematic and rationalized.  
Introducing the dance in management education is also an enrichment of cultural understanding of each other. 
We are very thankful for your spiritual contribution to our management lectures.

Paul de Blot Nyenrode

Paul de Blot SJ 

Prof. Business Spirituality 
Business University Nyenrode
Breukelen, The Netherlands.

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