Do you want to learn Tango in Buenos Aires?

Hire a private tango teacher!

Private tango lessons in Buenos Aires: Beginner or intermediate level, designed to have a beautiful experience while you learn tango basics.

About the cost of tango lessons in Buenos Aires: 

You can choose 90 or 60 minutes lessons Packs

Here the Prices:

90 Minutes Lessons

Private Classes: One or two persons.

  • 1 Unique lesson…: USD100.-
  • Pack x 3 Classes..: USD210.-
  • Pack x 10 Classes: USD450.-

Semi private Tango classes: 3 or 4 attendants.

  • 1 Semi private Tango lesson: U$D180.-


  • 1,5 hour (90 minutes).

60 minutes lessons

Private classes: One or two persons.

  • 1 Unique lesson…..: USD70.-
  • Pack x 3 Classes..: USD150.-
  • Pack x 10 Classes: USD300.-

Semi private Tango classes: 3 or 4 attendants.

  • Semi private Tango lesson: U$D 126.-


  • 1hr. (60 minutes).

Book your 1st Tango Lesson:

The reservation is made through the payment of USD20.- (Ar$380.-) which will be deducted from the total.



100% Guarantee:
If you consider the lesson is not worth it (within the 1st half hour lesson)
you can ask for the 100% Money Back.


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